Cancellation of a form B restriction

Afternoon everyone,

Can a form B restriction be cancelled via an RX3 and ST5? HMLR guidance seems to state that an ST5 can be used for cancelling a form B restriction but the ST5 specifically states that it’s for cancelling a form A restriction.

Any ideas?

14 months ago a TR1 was filed. with able professional assistance, seeking also cancellation of a very precise form B plus written consent of the necessary holder. Indeed made so precise at the insistence of HMLR on an earlier lodgment of a TR1 by my very self as a gullible Punter. My property solicitor (who rightly hates to be called a “conveyancer” by HMLR) had to make a statement of truth as presumably HMLR regarded me as an unreliable undesirable.

Thus I am no expert but if no disposition is relevant e.g. a holder of a requisite consent has died or released it, I guess RX3 would be the right form.

Our ancient request has only just risen to the top of the pile at Fortress Gloucester (aka Marbella or a Home Office deep in the Cotswolds) after some extra judicial personal menaces from this Punter, who is safe since no longer SRA-Persecuted. So I hope you fare better. I urge consideration in due time of the quasi-legal strategem known as Eruca per Anum (CPR Part 94). I suggest Ray Winstone or Vinny Jones as the process server.

Jack Harper

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