Capital Gains Tax - sale by executors

Executors are selling deceased’s home - can they claim expenses under SP02/4 as well as the estate agents and solicitors fees directly relating to the sale.

The amount that is claimable under SP02/4 is higher than the actual costs involved.

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The Statement of Practice deals with the costs of establishing title [TCGA s.38 (1) (b)]

TCGA s.38 (2) would permit the deduction of estate agents’ and solicitors’ fees directly relating to the sale.

I was also looking into this point recently. I couldn’t find a solid answer but did find the following comments on another forum -

TCGA 1992 s 38 makes the position wrt costs deductible on an asset disposal for CGT purposes very clear.

S38(1)(b) specifically provides for a deduction of “any expenditure wholly and exclusively incurred by him in establishing, preserving or defending his title to, or to a right over, the asset”.

SP2/04 specifically provides " the scale of expenses allowable under Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act (TCGA) 1992 s 38(1)(b), for the costs of establishing title in computing the gains or losses of personal representatives on the sale of assets comprised in a deceased person’s estate".

Incidental costs of acquisition and disposal are deductible under s 38(1)(a) and (c) in addition to costs covered by SP2/04.

Malcolm Finney

I believe that the allowance under SP2/04 is more commonly known as the Re Richards allowance – se also the HMRC CGT Manual at CG30560 and CG30570.

As Malcolm states, this allowance is in addition to the actual costs of the disposal.

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Yes provided the property is still in the estate and has not been appropriated to a beneficiary first (to use their own CGT allowance)