Certainty Wills Searches

We have been receiving a very large volume of inquiries from Certainty asking if we store wills.

Obviously, they have a business model based on charging for will “searches” which actually involve law firms like ours doing the actual searches for free.

Just this week we’ve had more that ten in one day.

I’m thinking of replying with a proposal that we will conduct the search, but only for a fee of £25 plus VAT, per search.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

As no-one else has commented, I sympathise with Nicholas.
However, surely the real question is much wider? If a firm stores wills then should they be actively checking any and every report of a death in case this may relate to a testator of a will held? So in addition to any inquiry from Certainty [however irritating] this might include scanning all death notices and Obituaries in local and national papers or web-sites.
I appreciate that some might feel this would depend on the precise terms of the retainer agreed with the testator, but I suspect that there will be precious few of these. And would it alter matters if the firm’s principals are executors, particularly so because of concerns about family disputes?
I do not offer any answers, but would be interested in any suggestion offered.