CGT property account - agent authorisation

I am acting for an administrator in respect of an Estate, which has a made a gain on the disposal of residential property. I don’t act for the administrator in her personal capacity, only in her capacity as administrator for the Estate. In the past I have either used the paper form or assisted the PR in submitting the CGT return online via their own CGT property account, where a gain is made on a disposal in an Estate. In this particular case, ideally I would submit the CGT return online on behalf of the administrator. I understand that once the client gives me the digital handshake, this displaces agent authorisation already in place for the administrator in respect of their CGT property account, but wanted confirmation (or otherwise) that it also displaces agent authorisation in respect of the administrators wider tax affairs (i.e. self-assessment). Any experience appreciated, thank you.

Hi Helen,

the digital handshake should only change the cgt section, as this is the authorisation for which you are asking. once paperwork submitted the client can log into their account and remove you as agent - which an executor has done successfully previously. good luck

Lucy Orrow

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