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I would really value some comment on this scenario:

A dies and A’s will appoints spouse, B, as executor, and children C, D and E as substitute executors. B obtains a grant of probate for A’s estate. B then dies. B’s will appoints spouse A as executor, and children C, D and E as substitute executors.

If C obtains the grant of probate to administer B’s estate, my understanding is that C will also have the authority to act as executor for A’s estate. The ‘chain of representation’ is unbroken. Is this correct - even though A had substitute executors who could apply for a further grant in respect of A’s estate?

Secondly, does B have authority to act as the executor of A’s estate before the grant is issued to A in respect of B’s estate?

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Owen Mason
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Mindful that the usual wording is that substitute executors are entitled to a grant only if the initial named executor (B in this case) is unable or unwilling to take a grant, I believe that their right to a grant of probate is extinguished as soon as a grant is issued to the initial executor.

Yes, if C obtains probate to the will of B, they will be executor of A by chain of representation.

With regard to C acting in the estate of A before probate to the will of B is issued to them, as a will speaks from death I understand they will have such authority. However, until the grant is issued how can C evidence their authority without revealing the contents of B’s will to those involved in the estate of A, which may likely represent a breach of confidentiality rules (or even GDPR). This assumes that whoever C is in contact with understands the principle of the chain of representation.

In summary, I would be wary of C seeking to deal with third parties in relation to the estate of A before the issue of probate to B’s will. I would be less concerned about them exercising the powers or discretions in relation to the estate of A, e.g. the power of appropriation.

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