Completion of form cap a5c for double probate

Does anyone have experience of completing Cap A5C to obtain double probate?

Practical Law has a practice note on this called ‘Probate: grant applications on expiry of limited grant (cessate)’ from PLC. I have just ordered a copy of this as I have the same question.

This form seems to be a rarity and there is scant knowledge within first level contacts. The IR manual is not much help with the detail of the form’s completion.
District Probate office in Winchester declined help with form but directed it should be sent to: Newcastle District Probate Registry, 2nd Floor, Kings Court, Early Grey Way, Newcastle-upon Tyne NE29 6AR. They indicated contact with "Inland Revenue"for help with form
Accordingly I contacted HMRC on 0300 1231072 and arranged for someone from their Technical Section to call me as their 1st responder could not help with the point . Will advise outcome.

Where should I forward it to? I don’t believe one can attach anything to the forum.

Thank you

When making an application for a second grant of probate on Form Cap A5C, does one need to also submit a PA1P or PA1A?

Have shared the Cap A5C with Nick.

Depends on whether there is a Will or not.

I have a need for Cap a5c as well. I have tried almost everything I can think of including HMRC but still have no sight of the form. Could I ask you to also email me a copy? It would certainly be appreciated.

I have Form Cap A5C in Word and PDF formats but these will not upload on this system. Please mail me at and I will respond with attachments.