Connecticut Grant of Probate

Has anyone obtained a Grant of Probate in Connecticut before? if so, please could you recommend any companies to use? I have had no luck with the usual providers. A USA bank is refusing to close the account because it was opened in Connecticut and Connecticut has no statutes providing acceptance of foreign appointment.

Dear Rebecca,
I feel sorry for you as most USA lawyers are very bad mannered and do not answer e-mails. We do not have a contact to suggest to you for Connecticut. However we have been working with a lawyer in Ohio, who does answer e-mails, and works hard. What we do is obtain an Ancillary Grant in Ohio based upon the UK Grant, and then under the USA Full Faith & Credit laws, that Ohio Grant is recognised in Connecticut. The Ohio process (assuming we can obtain jurisdiction in Ohio - if the USA bank has a branch in Ohio jurisdiction should be possible) takes about 10 months.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services