Contest Will on Attestation Clause

We are contesting a 2023 Will on lack of capacity and lack of knowledge. We have a solid case.

To add to the list of arguments, we have also noted that the Will is not signed in accordance with the attestation clause…
“In witness of which I have to each sheet of this my Will in this and the preceding five sheets of paper…”
The Will is only signed and witnessed on the last page.

I’m aware that there is no longer a requirement for a Will to be signed on every page, but the Will specifically states in the attestation clause that it is (when it isn’t!).

I can find a lot of references/cases to ‘not being signed in accordance to the Will because the witnesses didn’t sign at the same time as the testator’. I am unable to find references/cases where the Will was generally not signed in accordance with the terms of the attestation clause.

Any input, assistance or pointing me in the right direction on this would be appreciated.