COP3 Assessor Recommendation

I am applying for a Deputy for property & Financial affairs. The person to whom the application relates’ GP refuses to complete the COP3 (this is actually a first for me, though clearly happening more often!).

Can anyone recommend a private COP3 assessor whom they have used and liked, near(ish) Skipton?

Thank you
Leslie Emilie Tuck
Mewies Solicitors

I would suggest TSF Consultants. They are nationwide.

The Chapel,
Brimscombe Port Business Park, Brimscombe,
Stroud, Glos,

Phone: 0333 577 7020

Claire Flood

I have a similar matter on at the moment - a nightmare finding someone! GPs are just not willing anymore, even though they are one of the practitioners suggested on COP3.

Most assessors want to do an assessment over Zoom/Skype, which can be an issue when the patient is a care home resident.
Social Services may be a next step - particularly if they have been involved in assessment for care.

Alternatively, I have had a quote from Halcyon Doctors, recommended in a Webinar: tel: 02037000163
They assess via video call, and give fixed fee estimates.

Hope you find someone (good luck).

Helen Beaumont

When I worked in York, I used Lynne Edwards of the Association of Independent Visitors on several occasions, and always found her easy to work with.

Alison Elwess
Adie Pepperdine Ltd