Delaware Lawyer recommendation


Please could anyone recommend a Lawyer in Delaware to assist with our query below?

We are dealing with an estate which contains some shares which we are trying to claim back from the State of Delaware, Dept of Finance, Office of Unclaimed Property. We are getting no-where with this despite having jumped through various hoops. The share value isn’t huge but worth enough to pursue.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Sarah,

Please advise your contact details to and I can provide my Delaware colleague’s details.

John Sturgeon

Hi Sarah, I often assist in Delaware unclaimed property matters, so if it would help even just to discuss what you’ve done so far, and whether there is anything else you can actively do to progress a claim, please feel free to contact me to discuss ( Claims can take many months to complete. It can almost feel as if they’re reluctant to give the money back…

Thanks both, much appreciated.