Deputyship Property and Affairs


It has been a while since I last prepared a deputyship application.

In the past the process was to prepare COP1, COP1A, COP3, COP4 and send these to COP.

A few days later, the COP would ‘issue’ the application. Thereafter, the requirement was to serve notice on the person to whom the application related and any other appropriate relatives. The relatives were given the chance to object/notify the court. It was then necessary to tell the court that you had served all the parties with the notice.

I have tried unsuccessfully to understand how the new online application process works. It seems that you no longer wait for the court to ‘issue’ the application BUT that instead you serve a COP15PADep form on the friends/relatives. A COP14PA Dep form is then served on the person to whom the application relates. The serving agent completes this and it is to be returned to the court.

Does this seem to be correct ie that all papers, notices etc are given to the COP at the same time? Fee would then be deducted by PBA presumably?

If anybody has any literature/practice note explaining the full process, this would be gratefully received.