Deputyship Solicitor or Independent Visitor in Ireland

This is rather off-topic but I hope someone on the forum will be able to help.

My colleague ‘inherited’ a client in Galway City in Ireland from a retiring deputy in the firm and was appointed deputy in 2015. Our firm is in Suffolk and no-one has ever met the client; the deputyship is conducted through the carer, with whose family our client has lived for many years. Understandably, the OPG is anxious that someone visits the client to assess the situation.

We have been trying to find someone with a similar deputyship role in Ireland who could visit the client on the deputy’s behalf. In the UK we use a member of the Association of Independent Visitors for deputyship visits as these are efficient and cost effective but have been unable to find a similar organisation in Ireland.

Can anyone suggest anyone near Galway City who could carry out such a visit? We have contacted a couple of solicitors in different firms who seemed to deal in the same kind of work but sadly neither of them found time to reply.

Many thanks.

Suzanne Stevens
Marshall Hatchick Solicitors