Discretionary Trust Abrdn gift plan

Good morning all

I am setting up a discretionary trust for a client. I intend to use an off the shelf Abrdn - gift plan (discretionary) trust deed. The intention is that the funds will be for the clients’ grandchildren when they turn 25.

The issue I have is that the client has no children (blood) of his own, and the grandchildren are therefore step. I have added the range of beneficiary classes bellow.

There is an option to add additional beneficiaries. I was going to add the grandchildren as additional beneficiaries as belt and braces because they are step, and it is not clear in the beneficiary classes whether they would be covered.

Does anyone have any experience of this type of case.

Many thanks in advance

On the trust deed it gives the following beneficiary classes.

Beneficiary means
a. any widow or widower or surviving Civil Partner of the Settlor whether or not remarried or in a civil partnership
provided that such widow, widower or surviving Civil Partner is not a Settlor;
b. any child or grandchild of the Settlor whenever born;
c. anyone (other than the Settlor) descended from the father or mother of the Settlor;
d. anyone who is or has been married to or who is the Civil Partner or former Civil Partner of anyone described
in classes (b) or (c) above;
e. after the death of the Settlor anyone (other than a Settlor) who may benefit from his or her estate;
f. any Additional Beneficiary;
g. any person (other than the Settlor), notified in writing by the Settlor during his lifetime to the Trustees;
h. any body of persons established under the governing law of this trust for charitable purposes only, notified in
writing by the Settlor during his lifetime to the Trustees; and
i. any trust established for the exclusive benefit of any one or more of the foregoing but always excluding any
trust from which the Settlor or the Settlor’s spouse or Civil Partner for the time being will or may benefit directly
or indirectly in any circumstances whatsoever.

Hi Ben,

You’re correct the grandchildren would be named as you suggest as theyd not fall into the default categories.

Id suggest in addition filing a clear and consise letter of wishes with the default trust outlining the age 25 etc.

If the investment is resonable id always employee a lawyer to draft a bespoke trust and file with the provider.

Richard C. Bishop

Hi Richard

Thanks for your reply.

I am able to add another class of beneficiary to the form, so will add stepchildren and step grandchildren. I will also suggest that the client write a letter of wishes.

Many thanks again for your help