Electronic signature on postal application for PA1A Form

I am dealing with an Intestate Estate. Dad has died (divorced at this death) and leaves 2 adult children.

I tried to apply via MYHMCTS online but due to their being 2 children being entitled to the estate (as opposed to a sole heir) I have been pushed to do it via the post using PA1A Form.

Only one of the Adult children is going to apply as the younger sibling (does not really want to do it - but is more than happy for their older sibling to apply on their own).

The Older sibling however lives in Scotland and whilst I can see we were allowed to use electronic signatures for PA1A forms back in 2020 I am struggling if we are still able to do this in 2024.

I know I have recently signed IHT400 electronically adding in the very specific wording that basically says the all the executors have seen and approved the account but not sure of the position on the PA1A Forms.

Appreciate your thoughts.


Can’t you send by email for them to print and return? I haven’t seen anything to say can be electronic signature (but I stand to be corrected) and I find this is the easiest way.