Enduring Power of Attorney - Typing error


New clients have provided me with the Enduring Powers of Attorney they completed in 2007. All valid with regards to signatures and dates etc but one of the Attorneys is named “Stephen” but it has been typed as “Stpehen” where he is appointed. Name where he has signed is typed correctly.

Donor has capacity and can do an LPA but would prefer not to go to the expense if not necessary.

I am struggling to find any guidance on the effect of typing errors, is anyone able to help?


I would explain the costs of registration will most likely be the same than if prepare new LPAs. Also outline the restrictive nature of EPAs as they can’t be registered unless the Donor has lost/is losing capacity. Discuss issues such as a stroke, which by their nature are unexpected, or other unexpected illness or accidents. If these events occur, the EPA may be registered but with the 6 month wait time so nothing could be done to assist.

This approach usually works for me. I would give this advice spelling mistake or not.