Executors resigning

The two executors of a Will want to resign. They are not the Will beneficiaries. There are no other Executors to this Will.
What is the process of this resignation?

Have they taken the grant or ‘intermeddled’? If not, they can formally “renounce”. A Deed of Renunciation would do the job.

Hi Haroon,
Thank you for your reply…
Would form PA15 suffice (ie is there a need for Deed of Renounciation?)

Yes, PA15 is sufficient.

Much appreciated. Thank you.
No, Grant has not been applied for.
No, there is no intermeddling.
The Executors are simply tired to the whole thing!!

A follow up questions from this scenario.
The resigning Executors are in possession of the deceased’s house keys and various paper documentation. Should they now return items these to the residue beneficiaries, as there are no acting executors?

I’m doubtful they’ve not intermeddled…I’d suggest you (or they as Exors) go get professional advice…

Thank you.
Can you or anyone recommend anyone please?

Suggest you might look at the STEP Directory (Members | STEP) in order to identify a local member who may assist you. It is likely they might need a discussion to identify the extent of the named executors’ involvement to date to ascertain if they might merely renounce or if they have intermeddled and it will be necessary for a court application to enable them to safely step aside.

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