FATCA and estates

A colleague is currently dealing with an estate where the sole beneficiary and executor lives in the US (and has done for years). The deceased lived in the UK and all assets are in the UK. There is no trust under the Will so the beneficiary is entitled absolutely.

The beneficiary has provided us with ID and form W9 has been completed.

My colleague has queried whether FATCA applies to this situation and if so what additional steps do we need to take before distributing the estate.

I know that there has been much focus on the effect of FATCA and trusts. I am just wondering whether anyone has any experience in relation to estates and FATCA?

Beverley Bowen
JCP Solicitors

FATC does not apply to estate administration

Simon Northcott

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Simon Northcott is right. FATCA applies to US citizens with assets overseas, not the other way around.

Peter Double
Probate Resealing Services

Was the deceased a US citizen?

Peter Harris