FATCA - examples of action taken US resident American persons

FATCA and CRS are only just coming onto the radar for most New Zealand practitioners - most of them are still very much in denial.
To assist with “encouragement” to take FATCA seriously, an American colleague was going to provide me with a couple of examples that I can refer to when I present at the STEP NZ mini-conference on 11 October, but it appears he is now unavailable.
I’m particularly interested in extraterratorial action taken against “normal Mum and Dad type” American persons permanently resident in the UK who were unaware of their ongoing US reporting obligations. If anyone is able to provide any such examples that you would be happy for me to refer to, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Lee Harris, Foley Hughes, New Zealand

I have just got your notice, and we are involved in FATCA for Probate estates and the transfer of US assets to (usually) U.K. Beneficiaries. If you want some suggestions as to how to complete the needed W-8BEN-E I will be happy to give them to you, if they are still of interest. If you are concerned as to live persons reporting matters, you might wish to contact Nigel Scase at Greene & Greene, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk who also is involved with FATCA.

Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services