Firm of solicitors (executors) gone into administration

I am dealing with an estate where the testatrix (T) appointed her husband (H) and her solicitors firm (X) as her executors. X went into administration in 2020 before T died. X’s files were transferred to another firm (Y).

I am trying to work out whether the appointment of X failed or whether Y is treated as “the practice which at the date of death has succeeded to and carries on X’s practice” in which case Y’s appointment would be valid and H would like them to renounce.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

It’s not directly on point as it really relates to insurance obligations but the SRA has a definition of “successor practice” in its glossary:

SRA | Glossary | Solicitors Regulation Authority

I recently tried and failed to find any useful precedents on this question and failed to find much beyond Re Rogers, which isn’t very helpful to this particular point.