Foreign Financial Asset Search


I am assisting with an intestacy of a UK national. I suspect he held assets in USA and Hong Kong and would like to undertake a foreign financial asset search.

I have contacted Estate Research who have advised they are unable to assist with this. I am aware of Finders International and Fraser & Fraser but was wondering if there are any additional providers that might be able to assist?

Many thanks!


Dear Carolyn,
If you can let me know on what basis you think there are assets in the USA and/or in Hong Kong we might be able to help you. Details of the expected assets is also needed - stocks & shares, bank accounts, landed property.
My initial reaction is that the USA will be long and complex and expensive for the simple reason there are 50 separate States to search. I would start with Delaware Unclaimed and see if the Deceased’s name appears. You may have to go to several other States and see if the Deceased’s name appears in their Unclaimed Monies / Property Departments. Minnesota also should be searched as EQ Shareowner Services is based in St. Paul.
As for Hong Kong you could try your luck at the land registry if land is involved, but otherwise you will have to contact Computershare in Hong Kong or Tricor in Hong Kong and see if they have any records. But they can be very difficult to deal with. Forget banks and there are over 40 assorted banks / stock brokers / investment management houses in Hong Kong…
You can always employ a local enquiry agent and see what happens in Hong Kong, In the USA you will need a national investigative institution.
If the above fails I suggest that you perhaps consider contacting Barry Pamplin who may be able to help. He may not be interested unless the assets are significant to justify the time and cost needed to investigate…
You should realise that in Hong Kong a reseal of the UK Grant may well be required (cost about £3,000) and also the cost of recovering uncashed dividends in the USA from the individual States should not be significant if you deal direct with the State concerned.
I hope this is helpful,.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services