Foreign Testator and will

I have a testator who has good spoken language but her reading is not as good.

Would the following attestation clause be able to be used in these circumstances:-

“Signed by the above-named testator, the testator being unable to read, in our presence and by us in the testator’s, the will having first been read over to the testator by at which time the testator appeared thoroughly to understand and have knowledge of the contents of this will.”

If it’s just that she reads her native language better than English, PLC has:

Signed by [FULL NAME OF TESTATOR] (who understands [FIRST LANGUAGE OF TESTATOR] but cannot read English) in the presence of both of us and then by us in [his OR her] presence after this document had been read over in English and accurately interpreted to the testator by [FULL NAME OF PERSON WHO READ DOCUMENT TO TESTATOR] who understands both English and [FIRST LANGUAGE OF TESTATOR] in our presence when the testator seemed thoroughly to understand and approve the contents.