French annual trust declarations

The French administration appears to be unable to properly circulate the necessary annexe forms for the 2181 Trust2 declaration by June 15th at Midnight:

On the most recent version millésime 2021 available on the French impô Website - if you can ascend from their digital foothills to find it using your tiret 6 - the declaration requires you to fill out and add a further annexe 2181-T-INT3 if you do not have enough space to set out the full list of beneficiaries on the main declaration.

The formulaires section has neither the annexe 2181-T-INT3 nor the annexe 2181-T-INT1, if you need to add trustees, nor the 2181-T-INT2 if you need to add bénéficiares réputés constituant. There is no 2022 or 2023 millésime - yet. One minute before midnight perhaps? Or will Cinderella’s Carriage turn into a fiscal pumpkin yet again.

Note that the addition of the obligation to declare the nationality of each individual declared was introduced in 2021, but the amended form was not published in time for those doing their 2022 declarations in advance.

Perhaps the successors to M. Lieb thought that the “dispositif” under article 792-0 bis CGI would kill off the property laws of England and Wales before a new generation of bénéficaires réputés constituants saw the light of a new fiscal dawn, and cut down the waste of paper accordingly .

The successor in the French administration who was heard to say “on va finir avec ces anglais et leurs trusts” has not quite yet managed to prove himself right.

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