HMCTS probate service - have to login twice

I would be interested to know whether any other users of the HMCTS probate service have the same login issue as we do, namely that we have to go through the email/password/verification code process twice every time before accessing the system. Is it the same for others? I have tried reporting the problem but have had no response and no change so far.

Diana Smart
Gordons LLP

Yes. However, due to unconnected issues today with HMCTS probate service I logged onto a colleague’s desktop and to my surprise I was only asked to log in the once. Therefore, I’d say it isn’t an issue with HMCTS probate service but with my desktop and will get that investigated by my tech team.
Hope this helps.
Lisa Hammett
BWL Solicitors

Hi Diana

I have had the same issue since I received my new laptop. Previously I only had to log in once. Following Lisa’s reply is suspect there is some setting which needs to be changed buried somewhere

Thank you both for your replies. I am pleased to hear that we are not the only ones, but have now raised the matter with our IT team. Fingers crossed.

I have this problem when I log in from the office but not when I log in from home whilst connected to the office network!

As a follow up to this I am now hoping (fingers crossed) that the problem is resolved. At the suggestion of our IT team I tried logging into the probate court system from a different link (instead of the one I had saved in my favourites) and that does seem to have solved it. I hope it works for others who are having the same issue.

Diana Smart
Gordons LLP

I have the same problem but my colleague doesn’t. I assumed it was something to do with the fact I’m the main person for the firm (the person that appoints and authorises others) but now I’m wondering if it’s my laptop settings! It’s really annoying I have to say (but not annoying enough for me to do anything about it!).

I had the same problem a while ago and HMCTS was very helpful and informed me I was using the wrong link and changed it to
That has worked ever since


I received the advice below from HMCTS Support helpdesk last year which resolved the issue for me:

In relation to having to login twice, we have established that this is in relation to how the URL is bookmarked in each users bookmark settings.

The two URLs for the service are:

Manage Organisation

Manage Cases

What you will notice when you access these URLs is that they change from the short links above to the long links below:

Manage Organisation

Manage Cases

This is normal and it is the way the service knows where you want to access, and that you must first go through the login and verification code pages before you can gain access.

The returning to the login screen occurs when the URL itself within the saved bookmark is saved as the long ones, instead of the short ones. This means the service cannot direct you to the right place first time.

Users would be best going into your bookmark setting and adding the URL manually that way, rather than accessing the URL link in your browser first and then clicking the bookmark button. By doing it the latter way, it will always save the long URL.

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