HMRC Deadlines for IHT400

Are members happy to rely on HMRC’s published deadline of 12 weeks to raise enquiries regarding an IHT400, and wind up the estate once the deadline expires without the need for a clearance letter (assuming no corrective account is required)? HMRC say they will not normally issue clearance until at least 12 months after death.

Is a corrective account is filed, is there a similar 12 week deadline for enquiries? HMRC’s timetable sent out with IHT421s isn’t clear on this point.

Tobias Gleed-Owen
Hewitsons LLP

No, I would not be comfortable recommending clients to rely upon inactivity by HMRC.

Paul Saunders

Personally, I don’t like to distribute an estate unless I have clearance from HMRC (clearance certificate or letter). If you don’t want to wait 12 months then just send them a clearance certificate for them to stamp and return. They are pretty quick at getting those back at the moment.

Not sure re the corrective account.

Natalie Tonkin
Bailhache Solicitors