HMRC Register your Client’s Estate Advice Updated

Following notification just received:

Register your client’s estate
11:44am, 9 January 2018 The ‘How to register’ section has been updated to include more detail on creating an agent services account.
If you’re a tax agent or adviser and your client has an estate with a tax liability, you can register it online.

Andrew M Mortimer

I’m confused, does this not rather contradict the guidance for informal estates?

Or is it only meant to apply where the informal procedures cannot be used?

Lesley Rance

Miller Hendry

Hi Lesley, I have just done an Estate on the informal basis and didn’t use the register. I just wrote in accordance with HMRC guidance. I assume that if you determine the Estate can use the informal route, then the formal register should not be used as this will issue a UTR.

I wait to be contradicted

Lucy Orrow
Lambert Chapman LLP