Hong Kong Lawyer

I need to reseal an English Grant in Hong Kong, can anyone recommend any lawyers in Hong Kong?
Priya Sharma
The Head Partnership Solicitors

I am using Withers in HK at the moment for one of mine - quite convoluted procedure but they are very helpful - quite expensive

I can pass their details to you if you want?

Michael Micklethwait
Beviss & Beckingsale

I am able to help - Probate Resealing Services in England (tel: 01638 713 288). The problem with Hong Kong is that it is very pedantic. Having practised law in Hong Kong, I use my old law firm of Robertsons. The costs are around HK$30,000 so it can prove very expensive. The other problem is that for small shareholdings there is no small estate procedure, so because of the resealing costs many small shareholdings are simply abandoned. I have raised this issue in Hong Kong and got nowhere so far, so the more people complain the better.

Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services