How to respond to Undated 'Delay' Letter from Harlow Probate Registry with no requisition

One of my client applicants has received two identical undated letters, two days apart from each other, from HMCTS Probate Harlow.

He has applied as the sole residuary beneficiary for a death in 2022 on the basis that the named executor pre-deceased the deceased testator.

This was sent to Probate Registry by Special Delivery by my firm on 01 August 2022 - received by Probate Registry on 02 August 2022 - along with the death certificate for the pre-deceased Executor.

The undated letters state that they are awaiting “Confirmation…from all applicants being named on the grant of representation” and that they were awaiting “written response from the other applicant/s to our request dated 16th August 2022”.

On receiving sight of the first undated letter - received on 18 August 2022 - my office tried unsuccessfully to raise Probate Registry by telephone (we were on the phone for over 30 minutes without getting a response) therefore sent an email requesting sight of the correspondence of 16th August 2022 and if this is relating to the pre-deceased Executor to issue the Grant by return due to sight of his death certificate.

Has anyone else encountered this type of letter? If so, what has your experience been of overcoming any hurdles?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Fogg
Trusting Willpower Limited