HSBC Bereavement Services

Is anyone else having problems with HSBC at the moment?

On one matter they have asked for a copy of the deceased’s Will and ID for the PR before providing a date of death balance account balances. I have asked why they need this, but to date no further response has been received.

I have just received a call from them on another matter where I have sent a funeral account and asked for it to be paid directly to the funeral director. They have asked me to provide ID for the PR before doing so!

Sarah Arundel
Taylor Fawcett

I feel your pain. I am currently having similar difficulties with them on several matters. Also, on a trust matter where we urgently need a change of trustees recorded so we can access funds and they are putting numerous obstacles in my path I have put in a formal complaint. Unfortunately, they are not rushing to deal with that either so I may need to complain about their handling of my complaint.

Mrs J E Bennell

HSBC have ramped up requirements since around December last and First Direct (a HSBC brand) have further ‘gold plated’ the HSBC requirements.

In my call to HSBC to ask why they require ID of executors whereas when administering assets via solicitors other asset holders do not, no explanation was available other than it is ‘policy’.

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors