Lasting Powers of Attorney - Current Climate

I have read the interesting post regarding will signing and the difficulties it currently brings, but how are people dealing with Lasting Powers of Attorney. We seem to be seeing that the thought of three months isolation is making people consider preparing an LPA.

We are happy that instructions can be taken remotely (not ideal I appreciate) but what do clients think about certificate providing remotely? We considered whether if the client could sign the LPA as Donor while we were present during a video call and then we signed the certificate provider page during the same call, would this be satisfactory.

I appreciate this is not ideal but these are not ideal times so would be interested to see people’s thoughts. Of course the alternative is to ask client to provide their own certificate provider but this comes with as many risks.

Paul Mounce
Graham & Rosen

Yes, this is an option. I am due to see an elderly lady who is happy for me to go round as we had originally sat more than 2m apart when we first met, due to the way the room was set up and before Covid even existed. However, i can easily take (or post) the paperwork and watch her sign from outside her room while she is safely inside, passing the paperwork through the window at a safe distance.

Kamlesh Samji
KRS Estate Planning