Late payment of IHT

In view of the latest announcement regarding how long the present Covid 19 restrictions on people movement et cetera, should an approach be made to HMRC to waive penalties and interest where tax is paid late due to the obvious lack of personnel available in offices to deal with such matters As well as the obvious difficulties in accessing funds.

Patrick Moroney

Hi Patrick,

Penalties levied by HMRC can always be cancelled where there is a reasonable excuse. As tax advisers we are in regular contact with HMRC in respect of Self Assessment penalties and late payment of IHT wouldn’t be any different. has a page which gives indications of what will and will not be acceptable as a reasonable excuse.

These include death, life threatening illness or HMRC service delays.

It is always important to keep a record of issues, so that a timeline can be provided in support of your appeal.

Lucy Orrow CTA TEP
Lambert Chapman LLP

Update from GOV.UK – Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Malcolm Finney