Life interest or right to reside?

I have been presented with a very old Will which states

“I devise all my interest in the Property known as XX or other my principal place of residence at the time of my death to my Trustees upon Trust for my wife …during her lifetime and after her death upon trust for such of my children AA and BB as shall be living at my death and if more than one in equal shares absolutely”

Wife has moved into a care home but is still alive (but lacks mental capacity). Is this a Life interest Trust or a Right to Reside? I am thinking the former (so house can be sold and income provided to wife to support care fees etc) but happy to be convinced otherwise!

Comments/assistance much appreciated.

This is clearly a life interest.


Is the husband still alive and living in the property? My understanding is that the local authority can’t sell the house and take the income from his share in that scenario?