Life trust or Will trust?

Dear All

My client wishes to make a will and trust or maybe a will trust whichever is best for him. He has 6 Properties most of which are Buy to let.

What trust would be most suited to him and what would be better a living trust or will trust.

Any advise would be great.


Surely this depends on what your client is trying to achieve. Does he still want to receive the rents or is he prepared to forgo them?

Graeme Lindop
Probate Consultant
Coles Miller Solicitors LLP



In the event he does not wish to forgo any rental income, what would be his best option. HIs main concern is safeguarding any substantial tax implications due to his portfolio so whether a life trust may aid that or will trust he wishes to have clarity.

In the event he is willing to forgo rental income what would his best option be.

Thank you for your insight. I Greatly appreciate it.

Kind Regards