LPA access codes - who uses them?

I would be interested to know others’ experience of making financial LPAs available to third parties (eg banks, utility providers, insurance companies, Land Registry, HMRC, etc) via the “access code” functionality which is available where an LPA was registered:

Thus far, I have not encountered any third party (other than the OPG) suggesting the use of an access code, as opposed to sending a certified copy of the LPA.

Thanks in advance for all contributions.

Paul Davidoff
New Quadrant

I successfully used them for Halifax and Lloyds (who are part of the same group but required separate codes) but pretty much everyone else has asked for a digital copy of the LPA. Most firms when I asked seemed to not understand what I was suggesting when I said could we use the LPA code system.
Virgin Media were by far the worst in terms of getting them to recognise an LPA. Saga not far behind (which was surprising).

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I have sent codes, acting as attorney in a personal capacity for a friend, to the Attendance Allowance Unit, Post Office Money, the independent financial advisor and the care agency.

The Attendance Allowance Unit did not view it but this may be because the donor died before my letter got to the top of the heap. NatWest wanted everything done online and all the documents sent by email, which as they included my ID documents I wasn’t very happy about. That being said, NatWest was quite quick in giving me access to the account.

I am trying to encourage the use of codes at work rather than constantly having to arrange for certified copies to be made. Cert copies seem to be returned very rarely these days, even when requested in the letter.

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