LPA - Appointment of Attorney at specified age

I have a client who wishes to appoint her son as one of her attorneys but
only when he reaches a specified age. The son is currently at university so
the mother doesn’t wish to burden him with any responsibility until he has
established his career. I have spoken to the OPG who inform me that it’s
not possible for a third attorney to step in at a later date. This is
because all attorneys must work together. Does anyone have any experience
of this and how I might be able to appoint the son to step in at the
specified age? OPG suggests that the mother executes a further LPA when the
son reaches the specified age which could run along side the original LPAS?

Any guidance much appreciated.

Shanti Palmer
SP Wills

Why not appoint the son as a replacement attorney and appoint a ‘placeholder’ as one of the main attorneys, on the understanding that the placeholder will disclaim when the boy reaches the desired age?

Jill MacMahon
Thackray Williams LLP