LPA for foreign resident

Apologies if this is not the appropriate place for this question.
Client (C) is a Malaysian resident who previously spent a lot of time in the UK and has an IFA and assets in England. (C) wishes to enable her IFA to make some simple decisions for her when she is in Malaysia, but he can only advise her when she is in the UK.
C is therefore considering creating an LPA (PFA) and / or a general Power of Attorney for this purpose. Can anybody see a problem with this? Would she have to be in the UK when creating the LPA, and are there any other traps?
Many thanks in advance
Stephen Wilkes
Silver Lining Estate Planning

Sounds a very sensible plan, though do many IFAs have this rule about not advising people outside the UK? Seems strange to me, but others with more experience may correct me.

An LPA might be considered ‘overkill’ but would work. A general PoA is valid for only 12 months. There are no issues if signed abroad; the thing to remember is that they must be in the correct form (as a deed, in accordance with the Powers of Attorney Act 1971). This is not much of a problem for an LPA.

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