LPA120 refused after adding 10.1%

I’ve’ just had an application for remission refused on the basis of the OPG adding 10.1% to the Pension showing on the P60.

It clearly shows an annual pension of about £11,000 - but in their refusal letter, they simply show that sum with an added 10.1% taking it to over the £12,000 threshold!

But I can’t see on what basis they have added the 10.1%! :man_shrugging:.

Can anyone shed any light - I will be calling them tomorrow but thought I’d ask in the meantime…


Possibly - If this was a civil service pension 10.1% was the uplift applied at the end of March 2023 (based on the CPI increase in the year to September 2022).

‘I will be calling them tomorrow’…good luck with that!