LPS Forms - striking through unused boxes

I know it’s a trivial point, but since the requirement to strike through empty boxes does not appear on the new LPA forms, are people still striking through, or are they leaving the empty boxes unmarked? I haven’t been, but my colleague thought it might be good practice to continue doing it.

Ben Leach
JBHS Solicitors

I agree that it would be good practice to strike through the empty boxes, so as to reduce the risk that the form could be added to at a later date.

Paul Saunders

If a solicitor prepares the LPA he will have kept a copy of the completed document and so any later addition would come to light as a forgery. And the CoP will have a copy too, and so the same will apply.

Julian Cohen

I use the .Gov online LPA form generator and it automatically strikes through any empty boxes in thick obvious lines, except the ‘known by any other names box’ which I strike through by hand if appropriate.

Leslie Tuck
QualitySolicitors Mewies

I strike through any empty boxes.
Monika Patel

It doesn’t matter either way as the OPG stamp the “empty” boxes either with “This box was blank on registration” or “amendment prior to registration” depending upon which applies.

Alyson Dyer
Compass Will Writers