Main residence relief

As far as I read the relevant provisions, incl S222(6) CGTA, where husband and wife are ‘living together’ i. e in this case not legally or permanently separated or divorced, then, as they only get one main residence relief between them , this applies to a case where one spouse is in a nursing home but the other remains in the house ie at least one of them has occupied at all times and they are still treated as ‘living together ‘ for the purposes of this relief There is, of course, a special provision which extends the 9 months non occupation before sale to 3 years for a person having to move to a nursing home etc but I assume that is additional relief for a single person eg a widow, who ceases to occupy the home. Where however, one spouse does continue to live there, I understand that the full relief is available and continues to run for both spouses eg their jointly held interests, even though one is in a nursing home
I cannot find anything specific on this point so wonder if this view is correct or is there a different approach to this ?
Michael Jepson
MJ Consultants