Mental Capacity Assessment

Hi all,

Does anyone know of/can recommend a mental capacity assessor that can/will service the Hertfordshire area?

I need someone who can assess the capacity of an individual after a stroke to revoke LPA’s and make new ones. I believe she has capacity but there are potential contentious issues and would like to get a capacity report to hold on file - just in case.

Hi, Try Karin Rainbird at



I have sent a Facebook message, thank you.

Hi Emma,

I use Susan Wyatt ( Mental Capacity Assessments, Susan Wyatt, Mental Capacity Assessor ( ). I am based in the Midlands, so I’m not sure if she will cover the area and just charge for travel.

She is very good and very friendly (and of course, qualified!)


Hi Mark, unfortunately they wont cover this area, thanks for the suggestion though.

Thank you Kamlesh, I will give it go.

You could try

I believe they have offices London/Coventry which are not too far away

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How did you get on Emma?