Missing Legal & General trust deed pages

I am attempting to assist a client with a Legal & General investment bond trust which was set up in 2005. The trust was set up using the life company’s standard form, but unfortunately some of the pages have gone missing. I have the pages on which the settlor has handwritten the names of the trustees and the beneficiaries and the signature page. What is missing is the standard set of trust clauses setting out the trustees’ powers and so on. There is reference on the pages I do have to “The Trust Provisions shown to the left”. I’m guessing it would have been set up as a flexible life interest trust, but without sight of the Trust Provisions, I can’t be sure.

This is a longshot, but can anyone tell me with where I might find a copy of the standard Legal & General “Trust Provisions” from 2005? The investment bond is now managed by Reassure, but they have been singularly unhelpful and after a lot of prodding have only managed to produce the pages I’ve already seen and say that they don’t hold anything else.

Hello Rachel,

L&G have a dedicated trust team. If you email


They maybe able to help you.

Richard C. Bishop