Missing Will after death

I have been approached by a client who is making a personal application for a Grant of Probate for her late father’s estate.

The original Will was held by this firm and, after the Testator’s death and upon my client’s instructions, it was sent to her home address.

Upon receipt, she sent the probate papers (by recorded delivery) to the Probate Registry and they have never arrived. Seven weeks have now passed. She has asked if I can assist.

I am minded to prepare an Affidavit of Fact, explaining that the original Will was held by us and was sent to the client after the Testator died and that, on making the application for the Grant, it has gone missing.

Do I need to seek the Registrar’s permission to submit a copy of the Will to probate and can the Affidavit I prepare be used in applying for this? Does anyone have any other guidance or experience of what to do in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Martyn Dixon
Harold Bell Infields & Co