More than four executors - NZ will - resealed in the UK

I understand that there is a maximum of four executors permitted in the UK. Ideally, we want the beneficiaries and the executors to be the same, but she currently has five beneficiaries. The will maker is New Zealand domiciled under the UK definition, and we will be resealing the New Zealand probate in the UK for the administration of her UK assets.
Lee Harris
Turner Hopkins, New Zealand

Your scenario does not mention where the proposed executors are resident. If they are all resident outside the UK, then a simple way out is for the 5 beneficiaries to appoint a local lawyer in the UK to act as the UK Executor and take out the UK Grant limited to the UK assets.

Alternatively you could simply have a UK Will limited to the UK assets, and again appoint a local lawyer in the Uk to act as the local Executor (it you are stuck on this point I will refer you to the local law firm we use).

Peter Double
Probate Resealing Services