New Oath wording

Does anyone have the new wording for the Oath’s with the statement of truth?

Rebecca Sharp
RJR Legal

I received from Winchester Probate Registry the following ending not sure if this is across the board.:

We/I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true and understand that criminal proceedings for fraud may be brought against us if we are found to have been deliberately untruthful or dishonest.

…(Signed)……………………… ……(Signed)………………………….

Dated: Dated:

Monika Patel
QualitySolicitors Stapletons

I received a grant last week based on a SoT submission. If you wish to email me I’ll send you a redacted copy.

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors

Are there any other amendments that need to be made to the body of the Oath, such as removing the reference to the Will being marked, since this is no longer a requirement? Also do you still say MAKE OATH?

Natalie Tonkin
Bailhache Solicitors

This is the beginning to the suggested Oath. the middle part is the same.

We, (INSERT NAME OF EXECUTOR/ADMINISTRATOR) of XXX address and (INSERT NAME OF EXECUTOR/ADMINISTRATOR) of XXX address make the following statement.

  1. (INSERT NAME OF DECEASED) of (INSERT ADDRESS) address was born on (INSERT DATE OF BIRTH) and died on INSERT DATE OF DEATH) aged (INSERT AGE), domiciled in England and Wales having made and duly executed his last will and testament bearing date the (INSERT DATE OF WILL) which is now produced to the Court.

in their covering email Winchester stated:

The main changes are as follows: -

  1. There is no need to swear an oath to lead to the grant instead the SOT must be signed by the persons making the statement.

  2. The jurat has been replaced and is now a declaration, please see the attached specimen for the appropriate wording.

  3. The will no longer needs to be marked by anyone (not even the persons making the SOT)

  4. The date of the will must now be included in the SOT, please see the attached specimen for the appropriate wording.

SOT= statement of Truth.

Hope that helps

Monika Patel
QualitySolicitors Stapletons