New PA1P form for professionals - firm as executors

I’m completing the new PA1P form for a probate where the executors are the partners of the firm. The notes in the margin of the form suggest that the name of the firm can be inserted as applicant, but presumably this would lead to the grant being issued in the name of the firm, which doesn’t seem correct to me.

I’ve put the named partner’s details as first applicant, and put confirmation in the “legal professionals” box 2.16 that he is a partner of the firm.

Any thoughts please?

Ben Leach
Molesworths Bright Clegg

I spent an hour on the helpline. Eventually was told to put the partners as the applicants, and if it was wrong, it would be picked up in the processing, and we would be contacted. It does not fill me with confidence!

Fiona Dodd
Mayo Wynne Baxter

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You are correct in listing the names of the partners who are to apply. The note only applies to cases where an actual firm, company or trust Corporation is appointed. In your case I presume the appointment was of the partners for the time being.

Patrick Moroney

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