New Probate fees for copies

We have had an application for a Grant returned with a uniform letter explaining the new fee. The cheque we sent was for £159.50 and based on the fee for a copy grant now being £1.50 per copy we were expecting three additional copies. Their letter indicates that £158 for a solicitor application would provide two additional copy. Therefore I cannot see where we are going wrong with the £159.50. Can anyone shed any light on this and is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Sara Anthony
John Hodge

I understood the £155 is the application fee. You don’t get an original grant and ‘additional’ office copies any more, just the sealed copies. So for 3 sealed copies I would expect £159.50 to be correct and £158 for two sealed copies but no ‘original’ grant.

Wendy Machon
Sprake & Kingsley LLP

Do you mean that the £155 does not cover receiving any Grant? As there is no longer an “original” Grant, just sealed copies, do you mean that if you need a total of four sealed Grants you have
to pay £155 plus £6 or does the £155 cover one Grant, in which case you would need to pay £159.50? If the £155 does not cover any Grant, then if you need no additional copies you would have to pay £156.50 which cannot be correct.

Cliona O’Tuama

£155.00 = one ‘grant’.

Additional ‘grants’ (no longer copies) are £1.50

Application for grant and four copies = £155.00 + (£1.50 X 4 = £6.00) - £161.00

Effective from 22nd July meaning a significant volume of applications are being returned.

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors

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The letter we received from Winchester Probate Registry states “Court fee £155, two additional copies £1.50 each, required fee is £158”. So you get one copy for your £155 and pay £1.50 each for any additional copies.

Susan Haines

Newcastle upon Tyne Probate Registry have confirmed that the costs are as follows:

Court Fee - £155 (if a copy of the Will is required this is free but the request must be made when the application is submitted and must be “clear and obvious”)

Additional copies - £1.50 each (as long as requested when the application is made)

Henrietta Brett
Willett & Co Solicitors