New Probate work

Hi all I was just wondering how my colleagues are dealing with new Probate work when it is taking weeks to receive a death certificate. We have had a number clients approach us but do not have a death certificate. We have been careful in limiting information and releasing Wills, but wondered how my colleagues were dealing with this. are you holding back all information until a death certificate has been obtained?

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Monika Patel
Stapletons Solicitors

If you have a coroner’s certificate of the fact of death, that will help you to obtain most of the asset valuations and should be sufficient to allow you to start on the administration.

Helen Rowett
Lodders Solicitors LLP

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Hi Monika,

I may have misconstrued your question, but are you focusing on release of original documents to third parties following T’s death? If so, we have been dealing with matters as normal, but have taken the opportunity to create a ‘What to Do First’ help-sheet for the recently bereave which we can send to them along with an email requesting the relevant documents (e.g. original death certificate, Authority to Release Will &/or Title Deeds form signed by all Executors).

We have also, on occasion, ordered death certificates from the Registry Office ourselves, cost neutrally to the client, where we are instructed or hold locus standi to deal with the Estate administration.

I would observe that the registration process is still quite prompt, though - not taking more than 2-3 days to arrive by post.

Michael Fogg

Thank you. Yes more practical advice. Less of a problem now. Back to usual steps.

Monika Patel
Stapletons Solicitors