New trust registration - submission issue

Hello all.

I have recently submitted about 10 new trust registrations.
The very last one has got me stuck a bit. I am waiting on the HMRC online support to resolve it.
They are taking very long and their last question to me last week was ‘what is the trust’s UTR?’.
I told them that the trust registration will generate a UTR so there is no one yet. I don’t really have much faith in them resolving this…

The issue is, I have completed the draft trust registration form, all sections are complete.
On the last page where I make a declaration (on behalf of the trustees) and press the ‘confirm and send’ it then takes me back to the draft completed form. It’s not submitting. :thinking: :anguished: :sob: :sob:

I have tried in two different browsers - chrome and edge.

Has anyone come through this problem and has been able to resolve it?

Worst case, I am thinking I delete the entire draft form and start all over again…

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


HMRC did come back with a suggestion to check if there have been the same NI or UTR used for different beneficiaries.
This helped resolve the issue.