Newcastle Probate Registry

I’m at my wits’ end with Newcastle - does anyone have a number or other way of contacting other than via CTSC? I submitted a paper application in December which they acknowledged on 6th January and I’m still waiting. I was told on 28th March that they were dealing with applications scanned into their system on 18th November so would have expected to hear something by now. CTSC can’t help - they don’t appear to have access to the information. Emails go ignored!
Clients are getting really upset about the delays even though I have tried to manage expectations from the offset!

This was also my experience with Newcastle recently; I even sent a formal complaint that was utterly ignored- save that the Grant then arrived 2 weeks later. The whole system is a shambles and I’m sorry that you are having the same client experience that I have had.

I’ve only had success with official complaints via HMCTS online but most of the time the Grant has been issued a few weeks later and then I get a reply to my complaint saying its closed because the Grant has been issued so a complete shambles. A lay executor I do other work for had success going to her MP, Grant was issued 3 days after she made contact. The lack of accountability is awful, it my two most recent complaints I cheekily asked for a refund of the Court fee given the unacceptable delay, that part was not even responded to in my email.

I have quite a lot of paper applications with Newcastle. as Lyndzey says the best way seems to be an online complaint.
The helpline can only tell you that the application is with Newcastle and nothing future. They were sending escalation emails to Newcastle for cases to go on a ‘priority list’ if 16 weeks from the acknowledgment email had passed. This system was working earlier in the year. I am now being told be the helpline to email Newcastle directly - my fear is that they will probably just get lost in the mountain of emails sent to the solicitors enquiries email address. I title mine as ‘complaint’ and flag it as urgent. I am still asking the helpline to send an escalation email.
I was told by the helpline last week when chasing yet another Newcastle application, that although 16 weeks is still the official line, Newcastle is ‘very busy’ and as we all know, applications are taking much longer than that to process.

I concur with the other comments. I officially complained to Newcastle direct, got no response at all and then when I officially complained through the HMCTS complaints process, like everyone else has said the grant “miraculously” appeared about 3 weeks later. Then a vague apology and a “we’ve closed our file because you now have the Grant” email from the complaints department. Never a peep from Newcastle themselves. It’s beyond a joke and I try to manage the clients expectations by recounting these tales! I have taken it to the MP before but in my experience they will only assist if the official complaint to HMCTS isn’t responded to first.

Hi Jennifer, thanks for this- I was planning to chase up my MP if needed so will complain first next time!
Hope you are well…

We are also at our wits end. We have taken to logging on to the webchat service first thing and waiting until we get through (which is not very often). Have generally given up on trying to call them.

Michael McCabe
Galloways Accounting Private Client Limited.