NHS continuing healthcare funding - which CCG?

P resident in nursing care home having moved to the home from an ordinary care home in another local authority due to behavioural issues.

Local NHS CCG S assesses P and provisionally decides that she should qualify for fully funded nursing care. 6 weeks later CCG S refers the matter to CCG M having decided that as P was registered with a GP in CCG M’s area previously when she had the same care needs then CCG M should be responsible for the funding.

CCG M (unsurprisingly) have taken the opposite view - that CCG S are responsible as P was registered with GP in their area at the date of the assessment.

I have had a look at NHS England’s 'Who Pays?" guidance but it isn’t clear to me on which CCG responsibility falls. Can anyone provide clarification?

Samir Hussain

Normally the CCG that is responsible is the one that carries out the assessment process. If a person moves location after that process has taken place and after funding has been awarded, the original CCG usually still continues to provide the funding until the next routine review, when it may change to the new CCG. It shouldn’t matter where a person used to be registered with a GP; what matters is which CCG area they’re in now. Hope that helps.

Angela Sherman
Care To Be Different

This is the way it worked with my aunt recently when she moved from Kent to Essex

Simon Northcott