NRB available to a Discretionary Will Trust

I suspect I should know the answer to this simple question.

How is the NRB available to trustees of a will trust calculated? For example, I have a deceased with a non-taxable estate as they have their full NRB, partial TNRB, RNRB and TRNRB available = £569k total.

For the trust admin going forwards, what IHT allowance will the trust have? Presumably the combined total of the NRB and TNRB? Is the RNRB and TRNRB excluded for these purposes?

If the estate was taxable and IHT allowances exhausted, what would the trust allowance be in that case?

It’s not clear what type of trust you are referring to, but on the basis that you are asking about IHT, I’ll assume it’s a discretionary/relevant property trust (RPT).

RPTs are separate entities for IHT purposes and have their own nil rate band of £325,000. That’s it. That NRB is used for the purpose of calculating all future exit charges and 10 year anniversary charges (subject to the Govt. changing the NRB in the future of course).

Whether the estate is taxable or not, does not make a difference to the trust’s IHT allowance.

As to what the trustees receive will all depend on the wording of the Will. It could just be the NRB, it could include the TNRB and/or the RENRB/TRNRB - need to look at the clause in the will setting up the NRB trust.

As to the taxation going forward, what scarter mentions in another post. ie, the DT (RPT) has it’s own taxation NRB - not directly connected with what goes into the trust.